Tailpipe’s a no smoking area

As you project car lovers might have already experienced, there’s always something you can do.

My primary sub-project to overhaul the rear drum brakes got delayed due to distorted drums (they’re seriously out of round) and it took me a moment to realize what else i could do on the truck while earning money for new drums.

The truck’s been burning oil for quite some time now. It never smoked under load or while decelerating using the engine brake, which would indicate worn valve guides. Instead the valve seals are mostly hardened or gone and need replacing urgently.

I figured i could do that while the truck sits waiting for new drums.

Here’s the right cylinder bank with the valve rocker and rocker shafts holding the rockers removed.

These parts were set aside for later examination although they look good.

Pulling the valve springs is dead easy using this tool:

Nonetheless, take your time when doing this. You don’t want to drop any parts into your engine. Took me about three hours to finish the passenger side valves and do six valves on the driver side. I got tired and hungry and left the last two valves open for today.

These last two are the worst to reach due to the brake booster beeing very close (i hope it’s not too close). Obviously the seals in the truck were still the factory seals. The ones on the intake valves are still structural intact but so hard you can not compress or squeeze them at all!

The exhaust seals were all shot, read: broken into several pieces or split or completely gone.

Seeing now how easy and quick this repair can be done i regret beeing too “lazy” not doing it earlier and wasting several gallons of engine oil through the tailpipe over the last three years.


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