When was the last time you saw a brand new floor mat?

At one point in life we all have to ask us, when was the last time we saw a brand new floor mat for our trucks. I am the fortunate guy that had one of those encounters of the rubbery kind. For 99$ + shipping this NOS floor mat came from mopartruckparts.com

It’s been a pleasure to deal with them, check out their homepage for more awesome parts!

Here’s a couple of pictures of the install, the mat now has to settle and get the right fit, it’s been in a box for the last three decades and needs to stretch it’s legs.

First of all, remove the accelerator pedal. Easy. Just pull back towards the bench and it’ll pop off the ball studs. Don’t forget to remove the center bolt of the metal plate that is installed over the studs, you will need it to keep the mat and padding underneath from popping the pedal off the studs.

I continued with removing the sill plates one of the previous owners made for the truck. Eventually these will be replaced with the real deal.

Remove the transfer case shifter (2x 9/16″ in my case).

Now drop the mat in and start with aligning it to the holes on the drivers side. There’s pre cut holes for the high/low-beam switch, the parking brake cable and the accelerator pedal studs. Once it’s layed out and on the studs, bolt down the metal plate that’ll hold it in place.

Be really careful and confident with the position of the mat before you make your cuts. There’s no cutout for the transfer case shifter, you have to do that yourself. Use a very sharp knife (putty or carpet knife with a fresh blade for example) and take your time!

Starts to look like an interior again. I really like the looks and the soft cloth padding underneath. Another nice thing about this mat is how it dampens engine and drivetrain noise aswell as road noise nicely! Definitely a very good addition to the truck. Eventuall i’ll add the chrome trim for the transfer case shifter and accelerator pedal when i find them.

Check back soon, the headless benz is coming back together and will soon roar to life again once the new exhaust and catalytic converter are underneath the car. Also the Dodges 4spd conversion will soon take place and i’m taking lots of pictures! See you soon!


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