face grinding

So the remanned Carter BBD 2bbl carburetor i bought and installed almost a year ago started to make the very same problems i had with the original carter carb that was on the truck. It would start very hard, idle very bad if it idles at all and stall and never restart when warmed up.

Back then i did not know what to do and went with a Edelbrock performer intake and a 650cfm holley vac-sec carburetor (that in the end gave me other fits which eventually turned me into the GM TBI setup that i ditched for the carter carb because it gave me problems…).

I’m really thinking about redoing the complete truck with the ez-efi setup and a redone exhaust setup. In the worst case this means a set of headers, heads and lots of pipe too, and that is why i am not taking this step right now.

For now i’m trying to save this “remanned” carb by face grinding the gasket mating surfaces (the upper side of the throttle body was rough cast, the lower side of the air horn not much better). Both were tweaked with the air horn having low spots on the outsides of the venturis and a big round high spot were the choke pull off vacuum port passes through to the throttle body.

First off these surfaces had to be brought to a fine, flat finish so a gasket could actually do it’s job and seal everything up. The throttle body was the easier part to do, i did not have to file it that much and could quickly go over to finish off the surface with 400 grit paper on a straight piece of metal.

The shadows are just traces of WD40 that i used to give the throttle shaft bushings (these have freeplay again already and the shaft looks like they treated it with a big hammer) a little lubrication.

Here’s a shot with some of the tools i used showing.

I used the sharpie to mark the areas where i suspected more work and traced deeper groves with it so i could see when they’re complete gone after face grinding the part.

This is the lower side of the air horn after i started initial filing on it. It is warped bad and wouldn’t seal up at all. Instead when placed on the now flat throttle body, it would rock from side to side.

My buddy Dietmar found the high spots for me (after all he’s the machinist and i’m the enthusiast trying to learn all kinds of stuff from him) and i’m completing my work this evening. Hopefully the carb will seal up again after this treatment. Wish me luck …  or donate 3000$ for the EZ-EFI kit, an intake and exhaust headers 😉


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