git ‘er done!

Following the best known advice ever heard i’m working hard on getting the job done.

I’ve been working in Berlin for two weeks now and i’ve been quite busy earning some parts money in the weeks before so please hit me for not updating the blog 😉

Mother hulda is mechanically completed, filled up with oil and already leaking. But against the usual “It marks it’s district!” patter the truck leaks coolant somewhere on the front of the engine. At least i think it’s coming from somewhere there… I do hope it’s not one of the infamous hidden-behind-the-engine-mounts – freeze plugs  that can’t be reached any other ways than removing the engine from the frame. Trust me, after installing a new plug on the passenger side (the one hidden behind the exhaust pipe) i know why i hate these things.

Speaking of the exhaust: The truck got a new factory style exhaust setup. Well new up to the muffler (which is OEM too). The new down pipe also saw installation of a Lambda-sond thread-insert. Unfortunately i left the threaded plug in there during welding which lead me into more trouble than i expected.


Flattened the metal around the bore so the insert seats better.



Looking good up to here.



IMG-20130205-00272Not looking good anymore. It took all of the threads off the plug, they stayed in the insert.

IMG-20130205-00274Expensive tools for the rescue. M18x1,5 for ~55$.

A NOS intermediate pipe was in the mail too (these were hard to source!).


This Wagner made factory style downpipe does not fit as good as expected. It has almost no clearance to the frame on the passenger side. I suspect it will touch sooner or later…

IMG-20130207-00279Rest of the exhaust stays as designed and built by me. It’s roughly leaned on the factory design but sitting a lot higher in the frame and exiting just under the rear quarter unlike the factory design which hung down as far as the center of the rear wheel.

Still have a leak between the intermediate pipe and the muffler… otherwise that exhaust has a very nice tone to it. Pretty silent but deep growling when you hit the GO-pedal.

How do i know you ask? Well all it took was installing this little electrical bridge to ground where the neutral-start switch attached to, complete the interior and take her for a spin through the shop 😀


Honestly i just wanted to check if the clutch works, transmission and lights work at all and if the exhaust is leaking again. It checked out fine but a major problem became evident emidiately: The Carter BBD carbs divorced choke setup needs heat! After i installed the 83+ exhaust manifolds there’s no heat valve creating backpressure to re-route exhaust gasses through the intake manifolds crossover-passage.




IMG-20130207-00283Playtime it is!


Indeed. I am preparing to get this sucker installed.IMG-20130218-00294




Drain all coolant, it has to go anyways because of the leak on the front of the engine.



Remove all intake and acessory parts… and that is pretty much where i stopped yesterday.


I am back home which enables me to get you recent updates of my progress. Thanks for waiting, check back soon!



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