spot the efi

Can you see it?

IMG-20130222-00346Thanks to a 45° Dash 06 hose fitting i don’t need to run a spacer between the air filter base and the throttle body which makes for a very low profile install and nicely hides the ez-efi.



The 90° elbow and the adapter shown will make for a sanitary plumbing of the return line seeto the fuel surge tank i am going to install.



It IS a bit crammed around the valve cover… still waiting for that ignition coil to show up so i can start making the bracket for the HEI module and the EZ-EFI tach module (which is basically a choking coil for unwanted noise in the ignition trigger signal).

Put the timing chain cover, water pump, power steering pump bracket and fuel block off plate together with new gaskets after cleaning everything up a bit.

IMG-20130221-00336 IMG-20130221-00337

Coated with red oxide. Looks a whole lot better this way.


This is the factory fuel line holder on the engine crossmember. I am still breaking my head whether i should drill that tube snap clamp and use the rubber coated hose mount or go with  hard lines and the appropriate fittings… which obviously calls for more money to be spent on this project.


All ideas appreciated!





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