It’s one of those things you see often on blogs…

I am alive, life’s alive, the truck… well it slowly comes to life again.

Lastly i was so fed up with the EZ-EFI that i lost interest in documenting the fight against the ECU and the problems it gave me. To my luck, i googled the Megasquirt-systems again and got stuck with the Microsquirt ECU.

You’re already guessing it and you are correct: The truck gets a Microsquirt ECU.

In reality i am not just buying a pre-made ECU. You know me. I am not that kind of guy ūüėČ

It’s what you build, not what you buy.

Please let me introduce you to the Franken-ECU.



The connector and housing is made by Siemens and can be found cheaply in 99-04 Renault passenger cars. This particular ECU came from a Renault Clio.

IMG-20140612-00633Yep that’s inches.

The components that make the Franken-ECU is a Microsquirt Module board, a wideband lambda controller from and a stepper IAC controller from

The latter had to be used because the Microsquirt Module does not bring the stepper motor driver IC. It works flawlessly though…


The great moment on the workbench. Not what you think!

Property of


It talketh to¬†the really great TunerStudio software. I bought a license so i could use AutoTune and folks, trust me, this is so great you’ll shit bricks when you use it.

IMG-20140701-00687 IMG-20140701-00688

And i went even further… the brain is nothing without a body. So i built a nervous system, i feel so Frankenstein while i am writing this.


A few relais strewn into the engine bay, controlling fuel, spark, ECU and other stuff.



A fuel pump inertia cutoff switch which came with the Renault wiring harnesses.



The rest of the hardware was kept in place.


Can’t see it if you don’t suspect it.

IMG-20140716-00718 IMG-20140716-00714And here is the ECUs hideout.


Yes, it sits inside of the fender. Cool and protected from most of the stuff that flies around in the engine compartment and also hidden from curiosity.

The ECU controlls fuel, spark and the weather. Ok, i am working on the last one…

Fuel was easy because the wiring harness was already prepared during the frame rebuild, for the sparks i had to build a locked out (read: no mechanical advance mechanisms) distributor shaft. I love this one.

IMG-20140706-00699To accomplish this i drilled two holes through the upper part of a spare dizzy shaft, tapped both and filled the bores with set screws. After alignment i bolted one side down tight and took a center punch to the other side and repeated this procedure one i had my center mark.

I drilled both sides of the lower shaft for small countersunk spots where the set screws could seat into. A bit of high strength thread locker makes this a permanent solution.

For comparison: Old and new.


Another downside on the Microsquirt Module is its need for a coil igniter as it only has logical spark outputs.

These are low amperage outputs and would burn out in a second when connected directly to a ignition coils negative post. A GM HEI 7-pin module is cheap, reliable and up to the task. With a heat sink we do not get any problems here and it’s neatly hidden out of sight.

IMG-20140702-00693 IMG-20140706-00697The mount and heat sink came from

Nathan is a great guy to deal with!


Did i mention that it runs? Yes, indeed, it runs since day one. I had a few snags to figure out and all came from me switching wires around during assembly.

I am very happy i tossed the EZ-EFI ECU. Anyone interested in buying it as a spare?

I have the ECU, the plug and the controller that came with it up for sale. Contact me!









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