it was a good year

1985, i mean. I was born and this thing was built.

$_57Mais oui, off this night this 1985 W250 Royal SE is mine.



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One Response to it was a good year

  1. The War Wagon says:

    Now if you’re gonna go the “Royale with Cheese” route, what you REALLY need for it, are some old Dodge Royal NAMEPLATES, to stick on it as well (maybe there on the fender underneath the PowerRam badges)!

    Maybe get a third one for the passenger side dash, or glove box. 😀

    Have fun with the resto-modding, and if you need to complete the “cheezy” theme, than you need the factory AM/FM/casette radio out of my ’92 Ramcharger!

    I could probably dig up some old Duran Duran & Quiet Riot tapes, or the like, to go with it, since I graduated Hi Skrool in 1985. 😉 THAT should certainly complete the “cheeze” factor!

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