The fun part

The fun starts, when you lift off the bed.


I knew the frame was clean (of rust) but hell, it’s clean!


They found a few more dings on the rear of the cab. And fixed them quickly.


Mud and filler on the doors and fender.

img_20161213_160912_hdr img_20161213_160938

Aaaaand even more fun. Bondo on the tailgate and bed and sanding the ribs. We decided to not do that between the ribs because it’s a pain in the butt.

img_20161213_161016 img_20161213_161027 img_20161213_161032 img_20161213_161041


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One Response to The fun part

  1. Leaon King says:

    I have a paint and body shop myself. I don’t remember ever doing bodywork inside the bed! That is going to be awesome! Thanks for the updates! Don’t forget about the race truck!

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