cardboard aided fail

Hi there.

I have not written anything about the race truck recently, because nothing happened.

I have been rolling around a few ideas for the front suspension in my head. Basically i have been “working” on concepts for a coil spring based suspension (like the stock ’05 Ram 1500) or a coilover based setup.

Both have serious problems i have to find a solution for before i start mocking stuff up.

With the coil springs, the location of the upper spring perch in relation to the frame is a problem.

The center of the spring locates about halfway up the frame but a whopping 6.3″ outboard!

Talk about one long lever trying to twist the frame rail around. It’s about twice the distance the original spring perch center is away from the frame rail. I think i can come up with a solution to brace the spring perches against each other. Add some more gussets and it should be solid enough.

The coilovers only problem is – and i can’t find any info on how to do that – that i don’t know how to affix them to the LCA which has a coil spring perch.

Both have in common that parts will have to be fabricated and i don’t know if i can actually get approval from technical authorities for that.

Somehow i decided that i want to try to build a mockup coil spring perch to see where that will take me.

Apparently, i had some misconceptions about the design. This is fail no. 2. Well it tought me some things so it is not a total fail but i got some measurements wrong that led to this construction. It locates the spring 40mm too far inboard. Bummer.


The metal spring perch you can see there is the spring perch cut from a ’05 Ram 1500s frame.

It will be welded to the underside of the rounded shape on top of the custom spring perch.


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