Money IS an object

Struck me a few minutes ago:
My 6.4 came without a power steering pump.
It looks like the donor car had EHPS or Electro Hydraulic Power Steering.
This is an electric pump providing the hydraulic pressure for a “regular” hydraulic assisted steering rack. Yay.
So instead of a pump my engine has an idler where the power steering pump would go on a similar engine:
6.4L HEMI turnkey 11
You can see it very clearly on the drivers side of the motor (right side in image) above the A/C-compressor.
I know how to fix this: Mopar RL181778AB 2011-2013 Challenger with 6.4L, just like 340 USD … used ones seem to be scarce and Rockauto already has the best price for a new OEM Mopar part.
I could sink several tenthousand dollars into this thing right away. I’ll try to avoid that…
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Farewell from the old venerable 225.


For a few days until i drop in the 6.4.


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It’s wiiiiiiiiiiide

OH YEAH BABY! Christmas times 5 was today!

And then i thought, oh shoot, this axle is damn wide.


I have a regular 8-lug D60 stealing space in my shop and i thought this thing was big.
This SRT-10 axle is even bigger. 3.5″ axle tubes really do look huge in person.

With the wheels i intend to use this axle is 1955.8 mm wide (outside of the wheel).

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Act of desperation

As an act of desperation i will now try to modify the front suspension crossmember of a ’05 Ram to fit the D150s frame.

I am really getting nowhere trying to make other vehicles stock parts work with the original strut rod suspension.

For a small pricetag i will get myself a cut-off of a parted out ’05 Ram 1500, something like this:


The plan is to liberate the crossmember from the frame rails and carefully adapt stuff to my trucks frame. Including boxing the mounting points where necessary.

For this task i will aquire front frame rails off another D150 frame, slice and narrow them longitudinally so i can fit them inside the factory rails.

Next problem is, that the crossmember is too wide. Like 4-5″ too wide.

All i know is that the D150s frames outside width is roughly the same as the 1500s frame INSIDE width. Assuming 60mm depth of the frame rail it’s 4.7″ difference in total.

No real problem with that BUT the steering rack. I will overcome that… dunno how yet, maybe a Woodward steering rack.

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Cleaning out the hallway

We need some space here. Throw out everything you can but the Rum!


Pardon the ultra-crappy cell phone pic. Don’t ever try to use a Blackberry for any photographic work like i do…

Something is coming up. I don’t yet know how to move it up the ramp to my shop but i will get it done somehow.


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enough brakes

I kinda doubt i will ever have to wonder about “enough” brakes.


That’s a 2 Euro coin next to them, which is a hair over 1″ in diameter.


Thanks Tom!

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